SmartKiss is a new application that allows people to find friends that are near us in the real world. The app is free and provides many different options. Interested? Visit to find out more.

SmartKiss connects the internet world with the real world like no other app. We created it for the fun of meeting and staying in touch with new people that you pass on the street, gym, train, park, club, etc. Your new friend just needs to confirm the meeting invite on the app. SmartKiss uses your location so you can see where you and your friends are on the map making it easy to find each other. The app will help you find who you are looking for. There are no contact details stored in your app until you meet and make a SmartKiss with your phones.

This will give you a lot of spontaneous experiences, create emotions and most importantly it’s fun! The app includes a ranking system that lets users compete with each other over how many SmartKisses they have received. You collect SmartKisses - to find out what they are and what they give you visit With this app you are able to meet many interesting people in a very easy way.

Download free app for android: